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    • They're egos are bigger than their love for our country.  They MUST be right.  They're fascist bullies, to be  honest. 


    • More and more I think they are leftist trolls, they certainly aren't a positive at this site, add absolutely nothing and discourage any newcomers by their insults and vile lashing out! 

  • Some sheep are just this way
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    • Why so hard to believe no I'm not PMS just a human. Name calling gets nothing my Dad always said if they fuss and cuss it's ignorance. Meanwhile does nothing. So no I'm a soon to be great Grandma. Life is hard but we have a country to save. I like governor Christie Noem. Why the fussy Attitude I'm a nobody. But I do volunteer and I'm precinct committee chair for the republican party! Delegate also! So what do you do. It's up to the people to do something for us at me I'm just asking informing. And as far as feces go I've been living in it we all are time to clean up. I like Donald Trump the election was stolen. There's enough laws out there he just followed them. Democrats and some bad republicans broke them. Ran he exposed the thieves and killers. And the world order. He didn't break any laws. So they create chaos insurrectionist January 6. They were exposed.  Thats the reason ge is hated. No big tech and along with healthcare bill take over body mind and spirit. I voted for President Trump. Was never thrown any feces. Sorry you feel that way. I agree informing you post is great. But to the distrust is not everyone USA is worth saving for family. I cried when they passed healthcare bill we all knew when politicians exempt their sales from it it had to be bad. I'm an independent person disabled but yet doing things we all should be doing. Informing asking why what when where how. Greedy people are running the country and good people. Yes we have Marxist running it right now. We have to call Vote move the politicians in the right direction. We need productivity back we sold jobs lives power land and children. we've been at war for years it's just been technology media progressives socialist local officials federal officials and yes some military. All I'm saying is we need to volunteer Vote do the right thing. I learn constantly I may be old but you can teach an old dog new tricks. Respect trust but verify. Is that hard to believe is this the tea party? We should work as one team. I respect your and anyone opinion, but we should have a choice to decide our leaders. Thats why I'm involved. I have hope! Information can be good or bad. So are people. That is why we go straight to the sources media lie but whats in the Constitution and State Constitution and Laws and Legislation is written passed best go read it and inform people where they can. Media is a move and news media & technology are the actors. Bible reads beware of art. And your free to give your opinion. Mans law. i'm not trying to goat or PMS. Just asking up to us to find truth and stand for whats our right paper ballots and no machines no mail in or dead voters or noncitizens. One day voting and ID's not one stop or wifi online. Paper and pen. The government stole our voting rights. With cheating people in machines. I plan to show the 2000 mules in my meeting and inform show what is already known. We weren't there when President Trump was informed or shown that paper. We don't know why he didn't sign it. So much bad information out there chaos people cheat lie steal you name it. I'm nobody to you but someone to God & Family too. Technology machinery doesn't have a soul. We do. Vote vote vote inperson one day one vote paper pen. 
      They are replacing the citizens vote. That's why the borders are wide open. And the WHO is trying to control one world order with Healthcare emergencies act. Inform inform. Hell in NC college are being use to raise children of illegals. Bought out by either China or Russia and every citizen of the USA is paying for it. What else could go wrong. There kill our children with vaccines 💉 and they use the elderly killing them and giving us diseases & viruses 🦠 they came up with. But its for your safety and security. We have to stop the bickering. Get involved. We been at Technologically Biologically health food supply farm lands businesses and information war with other countries and even in our own for power control and money. And there's an unelected official running the White House unelected people and in committee's who are our causing this mess. The elected people have given or delegate their powers to Unelected official's. So then don't deal or get blame for the problems. They been going around The constitutional rights to control the mass. Bill Gates is funded to control population he and the world 🌎 form. I'm just a nobody. But vote inform teach Volunteer. We are in a revolution. I'm just a concern citizen that loves God faith family w/freinds neighbors for freedom Liberty in my country. we need military police justice truth. Done congregate congregate congregate together. Inform the people.

    • As you are beginning to see Tina, both above and below, there is a reappearing pattern that always emerges.

    • More Ad Hominems... and what you call feces is based on facts and the need to avoid the same errors in a future administration... Starting with the selection of a competent and supportive cabinet... and then working to codify the Presidents EO's.  

      A President can submit proposed legislation thru his political allies in Congress.... and then… by using his political power, and the bully pulpit, shepherd his bills thru the legislative process. In other words good Presidents... DO THE HEAVY LIFITING REQUIRED TO GOVERN.  A bit of a novelty for some. 

      Focusing on the Big Picture and leaving the details to others often leads to failed initatives in government.  It takes personal effort, on the part of leadership, to find a path forward and too capture and keep the initative.

    • lol  That's funny!  First you yammer for days and weeks about how Trump should have used his powers, and now you want to codify EO's.  lol  

      There's no pleasing you people.  lol 


    • Putting Trump's EO's into law would have preserved them for posterity and provided his Administration with a real legacy... not a train wreck... derailing his work to make America Great Again.

    • He never said that, and even, if he had, that wouldn't constitute any inconsistancy.  And what sort of bigot and moron refers to "You people?"  It seems there is no informing, or educating some people.  You seem to think it's celebratory to be ignorant and contradictory.

    • No, just humorous to watch you and the Col. prove your ignorance.  Keep at it!  It's fun!  lol 

      And, please.. call me some more names!  lol  I get a kick out of you showing how childish you are.  lol  

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