• I wonder how much they paid Ray Epps to attempt to incite protestors to go inside the Capitol and riot.

  • For Gods sake tell us something we don't already know

  • The whole J6 commitee should be indicted for lying and put in jail

    • Absolutely!


  • Epps was/is an operative of the Federal Bureau of Insurgency.  They lie prodigiously with impunity in the sordid communist world of Democrat rule.  The only way out of this subterfuge is to abolish 2/3 of government bureucracies and reform the remainder. 

  • Now ALL of the J6 videos are going public, I suspect Epps will receive REAL JUSTIC in the not too far distant future.  Obviously not while Beijing Joe occupies the oval office, but soon! 

  • Lock his butt UP!!!

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