• A visual example of just how much over reaching goes on. This guy is disgrace as are most of out leadership.  And yet American do NOTHING.

  • This is OK when one is a DEMOCRAT-!!! #MeToo 

  • The Communist Democratic Left never pays for their wrong doing, never!! When they started "Political Correctness" they have been telling most Americans what to say and how to say it, that's why I never use it and I "never" will. A person is what they are, Black, White, Green or Purpel and nothing can change that. Period!! These Democart Communist will never stop until "We the People" stop listening to their crap.

  • It would be nice to see even ONE actual offender be held accountable.  But, Cuomo is still in office.

  • Why is this guy still in the news? He should be in jail and forgotten.  

  • Gueto Como and his brother Fedo have no respect for any woman! They think like old school itailain mobstrers, If it looks like a woman then it is mine to aquire. Hell a young hormon driven male has more respect for a woman than this monster! NY wake the hell up and through this bum in jaile and the trash heap of time!

  • cuomo is satanic leftist trash, perfect fit in the devildemocommiecrat party!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why is he still the Gov.?????  When is N.Y. legislature going to grow a Pair, Backbone.????

  • What gives this dog the right to man handle someones wife, daughter, mother, sister, niece, or girlfriend? If it was my lady, one of us would be getting up off the floor. He has no respect.

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