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  • Can barely wait to get DJT back in the Oval Office and watch him start deporting all the infiltrators; he will probably start with NY, just to set a very visible example for the rest!

  • They can steal all they want in new york because stupid people vote for criminals to run things!!!!!!!!!!

  • They don't want anything but handouts, a free ride, they think money grows on threes and must be really shocked that the streets are not paved with gold.

    • Their "GOLDEN FLOW" will make it richer,

  •  WELCOME --  There should be a collection in all NYC  McDONALDS for plenty of food and busses for All those illegals to the White House for a Real "DOOR BUSTIN' NOON FEED

  • Thank you for showing us first hand.  A little glimpse of reality goes a long way.

  • The NWO is destroying the WORLD and they are doing a great job of it. Just look at Europe, which is now the “European Union.” Reminds me of the “Soviet Union”, humm. So what is the USA going to be called when the NWO is finished, it will be called the “North American Union.” Remember that name........ it’s coming, unless someone stops them. Like maybe Americans?

    • AND there is a round in the chamber, of every gun they have!


    • I am aftraid it is going to come to that

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