• This. has now bitten him in the buttocks GOOD, He is just getting a sample of what the Border States have been enduring since BIDEN took office.The LIBERALS in NYC asked for what they are now getting. ADAMS is just another PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL THAT SOLD THE VOTERS OF NYC A BILL OF GOODS, THJEY WANTED HIM NOW THEY GOT HIM. If you want to be a SANCTURARY CITY THERE IS A PRICE TAG THAT COMES WITH IT.

  • How about this for a radical solution to the democrat’s self made problem?

    What if the state of Texas just loaded these ILLEGALS onto busses and instead of heading to NY or Chicago or wherever; they went back across the Rio Grande and emptied the busses back into Mexico?

  • Too bad - so sad.  Your party is the one that established it.  Now you have to live with your previous actions.

    Isn't this typical of the Marxist (aka Democrat) Radicals - never think about unintended consequences then whine like 2 year olds when those actions come home to roost!

  • Mayor that is a start. L.O.L

  • Amazing how they change their minds when they have to deal with reality of thei4 stupid decisions!

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