Source; By Mick Farthing|July 14, 2023


What’s Happening:

Thanks to leftists in California, the American people have suffered. Democrats, including Gov. Gavin Newsom and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have foisted radical regulations and restrictions to “battle” climate change. These restrictions have put Americans through unnecessary pain, often resulting in skyrocketing costs.

But, when nobody’s looking, it appears these Democrats aren’t as environmentally conscious as they claim. Both Newsom and Pelosi, rich liberal elitists, own vineyards in California’s famed Napa Valley. And both are connected to a brutal lawsuit, exposing their “green” hypocrisy.

From Fox Business:

A group of waste collection and landfill workers in California’s Napa Valley is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation after they say they were exposed to toxic chemicals while cleaning up after the Glass wildfire in 2020…

The workers also claim they were retaliated against and faced racial discrimination for blowing the whistle on the politically connected Clover Flat Landfill’s potential to pollute water and air in the country’s best-known wine region — where both Pelosi and Newsom have substantial vineyards.

Wow. A group of waste collection and landfill workers are suing California’s famous Napa Valley, claiming they were exposed to toxic chemicals while cleaning up a wildfire in 2020.

According to a former local mayor, he warned the region for years about the threat, but was ignored by Democrats like Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi.

Both of these leaders own vineyards in Napa Valley and had a hand in this controversy. The workers are suing Clover Flat Landfill and Upper Valley Disposal Services, and they’re demanding a whopping $300 million in restitution.

But it only gets crazier…

These workers also say they were retaliated against for bringing up their concerns, and some were even hit with racial discrimination. What!? Democrats being accused of racial discrimination!? When has that ever happened before?

Well, some will say it happens all the time.

It seems the rich and powerful within the Democratic Party say one thing in public, but do something very differently in private. I wonder how Newsom and Pelosi are going to deal with this toxic mess… No doubt their publicists are already coming up with a response that shifts the blame to someone else.

But if justice wins the days, both of these Democrats could be held responsible for these workers’ pain and suffering.

Key Takeaways:

  • Waste collection workers are suing Napa Valley over exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • A former mayor warned about working conditions but was ignored by owners of the vineyards.
  • Two of the vineyard owners responsible are CA Gov. Newsom and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.
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