• The House Hag lies with such pathological inversion, that surely she walks on the ceilings of her ill-gotten houses.

  • Right! On the other hand she probably can't remember what she did this morning! 

  • I think there's actual evidence she prohibited them.  She may not remember prohibiting them.  

    • Former DC police chief testified, to Congress, that Pelosi DID refuse NG troops, via the House Sgt. At arms (the former Sgt. also testified to the same);  her reason for refusal - - "The optics would not look good!"  We now know it was NOT optics she had in mind at all.

    • "I think there's actual evidence she prohibited them.  She may not remember prohibiting them.  "

      I would not doubt it.

      Truth is self-validating because it does not self-contradict.

      But a lie is untruth masqurading as truth, and requires complicated manoeuvers to conceal its irregularities and contradictions.

      And it just cannot be kept up indefinitely, even by the most skilled decievers (not that I would credit Princess Nan as being one).


  • Of course her  alcohol soaked brain would see it differntly!

  • I know this may be a stupid question but is there any vidio or record of President Trump offering the troops on Jan. 6th ?

    • The MSM is not given to documenting the innocence or sincerity of their mark.

      There is no video or audio record that I know of, recording Trump approaching the Joint Chiefs for January 6 mall security, only to be told that such action would be unconstitutional.

      Yet Staff Chairman General Mark Mille has publically stated Trump did so.

      That is how we can know beyond Donald Trumps professions.

  • First, the claims that Nancy Pelosi was offered National Guard troops to secure the Capitol before the January 6th incident are not new... and Pres. Trump, along with others, have stated Pelosi and Mayor Bowser turned him down. 

    Why the denial now... could it be that the offer would indicate Trump was not instigating an insurrection?  When DEALING WITH LIARS...  it is always best to put things in writting or to digitally record them...  as dishonorable people have terrible memories.

  • It's true! The lie (and Satan) is the details. What she said was "I don't need your 10-25,000 national guard on my Capitol grounds. With our people infiltrating the crowd we will make chaos and blame it on you."

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