• Her and Joe.......what a pair to be called leaders! Embarrassing!

  • God help us all.  What a ditz head.

  • Either intoxicated or senility setting in... in either case she needs to retire.

    • I'll add to that... a retirement location... "Prison"

    • Gitmo.

    • Why do you think the Dems want it abandoned!

  • Guys come on Nancy been drunk for 20 years what's the point now?? 

  • An unidentified source (Bartender) close to the Drinker of the House has confirmed Nanshee will be stopping in Taiwan!  Apparently, she's highly upset over the Biden & EU sanctions on Russian products and is going to Taiwan with 3 USAF C-17b jumbo cargo jets to buy up all the Russian Vodka. 


  • kamal is indeed STUPID, joe dementia is so mentally gone he can't think anything at all, and nutty nan is so botox and booze addled her mind is also gone!!!!!!!!!!

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    • A few years back the GAO reported Nancy Pelosi's food and bar tab while traveling on USAF VIP aircraft was $128,000 per month. With todays inflation I imagine it's much higher now. Nothing but the finest for our servants.

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