• She's the person that authorized alcohol be delivered to the House and Senate while at work.  

    • She is either off the hook in love with Obama, or, possessed by an Obama demon. and she likes to take her drugs with vodka. 

    • R S, definitely demon possessed, and botox and booze addled!!!!!!!!!!


    • Marlene, she won't go to Taiwan and if she does the CCCP won't take her out, she is too big of an asset to them!!!!!!!!!!


    • Exactly, having a father and 2 brother who have died due to alcohol she has most definetely been drinking 

  • This is horrible.  Birdable?  Birdbath?  WTF is she talking about, thru the whole thing?  Sooooo embarrassing.

  • Biden is brain dead, Pelosi is a useless drunk and Kamala is just a waste of humanity

    • Janet, all of them are demon possessed and a waste of air!!!!!!!!!!


  • And these are the ppl running our country

  • Definitely sounds like Nan has had tee many martoonies.


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