• When are the people going to accept Trump was and is a better president for America than this idiot but they just won't accept the truth 

  • How high is our inflation?

        When Biden stoled the presidential office January 20th of 2021, the annual inflation rate was an acceptable 1.3% and gas was an average of $2.39 a gallon. Now, the supposed inflation is 8.7% and the average price at the pump is $3.91 even though he’s selling off our Strategic Oil Reserve to China. (in June of 2020. I paid $1.49 per gallon in Pillager Mn, in Brainerd Mn, the next town, it was $1.43). Trump wanted a National Ceiling of $1.50 per gallon. Between November 11th and January 20th, the price of gas increased about $1.00 per gallon. Biden, however claimed in a speech Thursday after the September numbers were released that if Republicans win in November, inflation will get worse, that’s ridiculous! The past and present numbers speak for themselves!  These are the inflation numbers under Biden:

    42.9% airline fares.

    33.1% utility gas (Natural & propane).

    30.5% eggs.

    18.2% gasoline.

    17.2% chicken.

    15.7% coffee.

    15.2% milk.

    14.7% bread.

    10.1% furniture.

      9.2% vegetables.

      8.2% fruit.

      8.1% ham.

      7.6% women apparel.

      7.2% used cars.

      6.7% rent.

    3.7% men apparel.

    15% inflation, NOT 8.7%. An expectable level is under 2.5.

        When Biden stoled the election in November of 2020, inflation was nonexistent. Bottom line, according to the National Bureau of Economics, we now have the highest inflation rate in 40 years with no end in sight. So, Biden is technically right, we don’t have inflation, “we now have the beginning of a full blown Recession” wrote John Leer, Morning Consult's chief economist, for Twitter.



    • Unfortunately, most semi-comatose Americans (apathetic or clueless because all their news comes from the lying main stream media, supported by the last 60 years of leftist indoctrination taught in our public schools and bolstered by the woke left-wing icons of sports and pop culture) and will never hear or, if they hear, comprehend or if they hear and comprehend, believe what you just stated above. When we put out such critical information, sadly, most of the time we are just talking to ourselves!

  • Change the subject... OK, Lets talk about Nancy's Insider Trading?

  • She isn't worried, they have the voting machines in their pockets...

    • They also have the federal mail service in their pockets as they are already finding absentee voting ballots in the trash in CA

  • The Elite Corrupted old cow, None of the Elite WOKE know what inflation is ... don't bother them and they count on and take great joy in the suffering of the low and middle-income people.

    SERFS ARE EASILY CONTROLLED.  The Subject we have to change is Pelosi ... from the State House to the Big House!

  • She is as nutty as the president is & they both need to be retired yesterday

    • Indicted for high treason. 

    • The problem with retiring them is they make the same money, No they need to be tried for crimes against the people and confiscate all their wealth (getting Obama as their crime boss).

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