• Use the negotiations for increasing the debt ceiling to demand these soldiers be paid....  don't increase the debt ceiling until Congress and the President agree to backpay for the miliary.

  • This man and woman volunteered to serve a country which stands for freedom and government is by the people and not by the government 

    • Every time the government shut down for a lack of an appropriations bill the civil service, and Congress were paid...  even though they did not work.

  • Take the money from these woke leaders and give it to the honorable verterans

  • The military leadership has gone WOKE. I wouldn't go back because of that. That leadership is still there so how long will it take for them to pull some other WOKE policy. The leadership needs to be purged before I would go back.

    • Thank you, for your service, but please hang in there. You and all our military men and women deserve much better. I hope people start a campaign, by contacting their reps and even the speaker himself, demanding the backpack be alloted and so many other things. 

      Indeed, Congress members may have a lot on their plates, right now, but so what. They ARE there to do the people's work, are they not? So JUST DO THE JOB!  And if they have to spend more days in DC, then they get to spend at home, too darn bad. They ASKED FOR THE JOB, they got it, NOW DO IT!!

    • Sorry, another typo, up there in the middle.  It should read "demanding the backpay" - - NOT backpack. Don't know if that was me, or spellcheck!!

  • Who would want to join the military under this commie regime. It can be a tough life. My husband was in the airforce for around 30 years. I noticed how he and his friends were proud to be in the service. Not anymore.

  • Yes, they can pass a House Referendum directing the DOD to pay the affected troops... and they can IMPEACH the senior civilian and military leadership behind this policy... but the US Senate would likely acquit them... However, the impeachment process would serve to put the Military chain of command on notice...   that the  POLITICIZING of the Military will not be tolerated by the House.

    They can also hold up the confirmation process that is required to confirm all senior officer promotions... refuse to process the necessary legislation to confirm the promotion of senior officers until this policy is reversed.  They may also be able to sequester certain elements of military pay, thru a separate House Resolution., Elements of Senior Officer Pay could possibly be lawfully sequestered. until the policy is reversed.

    • If the funds to pay the affected individuals have been provided by law... in the affected Appropriations Bill... I believe  Congress could order the forfeited pay to be disbursed... paid... without the need for a presidential passing a House Resolution.  However, I am not an expert on this issue  It is a crying shame that such an action would be necessary.

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