• It is simple and easy to quit. Any gutless wonder can do it. Those who actually believe the "Battle" more important than the "Victory", in the moment, get out and support in every possible way all candidates you find " Common Agreement With." Do this by phone work, door to door, attending booths, wherever there is a need. Run for every available "Office" yourself, especially the "Lowest Ones" including School Boards, City Councils, County Commissioners, Run for Precinct Person for your area of the GOP!, etc. Volunteer to be a "Ballot Counting Observer" in your Local Precinct! Get involved, and the "Outcomes" will be influenced! " leave it all up to others and you will continue to lose and be left with nothing except bitter complaints.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • As the British Oppression increased in the Colonies and the "Rights of the Magna Carta" were ever increasingly being denied to the residents on the American Shores, though British Subjects, Spots of Rebellions Greed and Increased. As the Rebellion began to reach Full Fruition, only then did the Natural Leaders, Our Founding Fathers, begin to present themselves. As they did, these Born Leaders began to gather Followers who recognized "Those Greater then Themselves Fighting for a Greater Cause!" Egos were cast aside and forgotten, or removed to assure the Survival of the Goal! Most always in History, Movements begin before Leaders are Discovered.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well yeah! Its not so much a call to greatness, as much as an alarmed need for someone take hold of the issues and to put reason to the madness being promoted, that threatens everyone. Heros are very rarely self-conscious (and dangerous to my mind, if they are).


    Here is something starting as a fight back group.

    The Patriot Alliance , founded by General Michael Flynn

    This conference is scheduled for October in Las Vegas! Tickets are selling fast! Perhaps Tea Party could get a group rate and a huge contingent of Tea Partiers could go as a group! Perhaps many of us would be able to meet in person. The site says tickets are selling fast! The name of the conference is:

    RIGHT HERE:    For God and Country Patriot Double Down

    Another great leader today is Mike Ali dell, the "Pillow Guy"!  We should keep an eye Onni hat he's doing.

    About this new bill in the Senate, 2 of my Republican Senators are voting for it. So now I'm going to write up a petition asking them to reverse their stand, and getting as many signatures as possible!  I must do it fast before the time is up in itself voted on and it's too late for them to take to change their vote. So I'll be starting that today! 

    Perhaps there is something we can ALL DO!

  • What is truly astounding is the fact that the Citizens observed, whined, and did nothing to prevent the end of their own existence, except to complain "How it was everyone else's fault!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Kind of compares with today, nobody wants to take responsibility for their own liberty and freedom.... What's it going to take???

    • A strong leader!

  • History has proven that in all times of crisis a "Leader" presents themselves, and the People survive! However, the Untold Part of History proves that in times of crisis "When No Leader " present themselves, the People extinguish and disappear from the histories.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well said !  Leaders are Not chosen or elected, they rise from the ashes....

  • John,

    Perhaps if you were to have read the entirety of of anyone's response instead of not picking sentences for rebuttal, you may find enlightenment. Most likely not. In all probability the response displayed is but a reflection of your "Life Spent in attempts to raise its stature by lowering those around you." Families, neighborhoods, Communities, businesses and politics often find these personality types displayed. All icing, no cake! Opinion received and effect is meaningless.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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