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  • This libtard coward is running scared now.  When President Trump offered help he was hateful but now wants citizens he disarmed to protect the city!!!!!!!!!!

  • They have had enough.  Turning people in is nothing.  What you do with them after they are turned in.  No bail and they are back on the street.  Should be sent to jail for at least 90 days, under the worst conditions possible.  Got to make it bad enough for people not to want to come back.  


  • "First they came for the capitalists, but I did not speak out because I was not a capitalist" ... and so on

  • Are you kidding. They have a liscense to start burning down the whole damn country now...................unobstructed by our usurpers. It Sucks when you discover your just another useful idiot tool of the State. 

  • that is his fault I am not supporting him in any way shape or form he deserves this done to his city.

  • Sorry about your luck, creep

  • For someone who has let it slide for over a year,  nothing will be done.  Had he released the officers to do what is necessary - be the aggressor instead of back peddling at every turn this should have been over a long time ago,  Plus get rid of the liberal jerk DA who refuses to prosecute these "sweet little things".   

  • Doubtful if will happen

  • I doubt his committment.  If he truly wanted to do something about Antifa, he would have started long ago.  I also noticed he didn't say anything about the BLM thugs.

    • BLM?..........You mean Black Isis so,say it.


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