Democrats are already saying they won't accept a victory by President Trump in November, that they will continue to declare that their candidate should be in control as hillary has contended for 4 years (  Their plan is to use their fake polls as an excuse to declare joe biden the winner in November and then either use the military or their Brown Shirts to depose President Trump and seize control of the nation.  Biden is being told to not accept any result that doesn't show him winning and they are pushing vote by mail to cheat him into office.  When hillary's cheating in 2016 failed they moved on to plan B, impeachment.  The whole impeachment scam was about sour grapes over the will of We the People choosing Donald Trump over their corrupt marxist candidate and they have selected a candidate that is just as corrupt and marxist for 2020 in joe biden, a racist, woman molesting degenerate with severe cognitive problems, severe dementia.  There was never any grounds to impeach President Trump and democrats knew it but their evil lust for power led them to fabricate the Steele dossier in an attempt to overthrow a legally elected president so they could have dictatorial power over We the People.  If you don't think that is what they want look at states and cities controlled by democrat.  They are cesspools of violence controlled by edicts that target Christian patriots while letting marxist anarchists run free to destroy, loot, rape, and murder at their whim.  The entire country will face these tactics and the FEMA camps will fill up with Christian patriots if dems gain control in November.  Right now this nation needs to look to Almighty God as much, if not more than, as in the darkest days of Valley Forge.  George Washington got on his knees in the snow then and implored God to give him direction and help, resulting in ultimate victory.  Soon after his prayers Washington crossed the Delaware River and soundly defeated a larger force of Hessians in the Battle of Trenton and went on to win the freedom of the colonies from British oppression.

Some are saying a 2nd Civil War but I see it as a new Revolution.  A civil war is against each other but we will be fighting people who are not Americans but rather are agents of satan seeking to impose his kingdom upon us.  I daily ask God to soften the hearts of American citizens and draw them to Him so we can avoid the ugliness and suffering of war and that He punish those who refuse rather than punish the entire populace.  God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if 10 righteous men could be found but they weren't there so fire and brimstone rained down to destroy both cities and everyone in them.  I don't know how many America needs but I pray there will be enough to spare the nation as a whole.  I suggest that anyone living under democrat rule flee if you are able before God's judgment hits.  If you are righteous but not able to leave I pray God spares you, your loved ones, and your possessions.

At their nominating convention last month democrats left "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance, this after booing God in 2012, leaving no doubt they despise even the idea of Almighty God, much less, acknowledging His authority.  America was established by men who looked to Almighty God for guidance in everything they did, despite the lies of leftists who say our founders were atheists and agnostics.  One can read the quotes of our founders and dispel that lie quickly.  President Trump, although a flawed human being, looks to God and Mike Pence is a very devout Christian man who acknowledges God daily, much to the displeasure of democrats and their leader, satan.  If this nation turns back to God we will see peace and prosperity that is unprecedented in history.  In my Bible reading I have seen the results of the Israelites, peace and prosperity when they followed God but war, defeat, and slavery when they rejected God and worshipped idols.  Right now much of our population is worshipping idols, sin, money, power, athletes, movie stars, musicians, politicians, and most of all, self.  This MUST CHANGE if we are to avoid destruction.

  President Trump wants to make America great again but is fighting an uphill battle against democrats and their deep state allies in the republican party establishment.  People like mcconnell, graham, collins, murkowski, and the rest of the deep state traitors need to be removed from their ivory towers and replaced with God-loving patriots.  There are a few democrats that are not corrupt and are real patriots but they are few and far between.  There is a Georgia state legislator, a black man whose name I can't recall at the moment, who is a great patriot but he won't get far in the party because he is a patriot who endorsed Donald Trump for reelection, not a marxist.  Kamala Harris is not eligible to be Vice President because she isn't a Natural Born Citizen but democrats proved with fuhrer obama that they decided qualifications according to their evil lust for power and that what the Constitution, like the Holy Bible, says is irrelevant.  If that mindset is allowed to take control our Republic is finished and a brutal, North Korea type dictatorship will be upon us.

The battle cry "Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition" came from the Revolutionary War, a fine example of the mindset that we must look to God for help but that we still have to fight the fight, to do our part.  In ancient times God was with the Israelites but they still had to take the field to do their part to win the battles.  They sought God, asking when they should go out and when they should stay put.  We the People must do the same.  God will deliver the enemy into our hands, as He did for the Israelites, but we need to seek Him before we do anything.  I pray daily asking for guidance and assistance from Almighty God and He is bringing me through a time of severe disability, not as fast as I would prefer, but in His timing and in His will for my life.  It is very difficult at times as I get frustrated by not being able to do simple tasks like tying shoes and putting on a belt but God has given me shoes with Velcro fasteners and pants with elastic waistbands.  Just today I went into the back yard and was upset at how much I need to do back there to get it under control and hoping God will restore me soon so I can attend to what needs to be done.  I can drive and can walk, or hobble with much difficulty, but He is bringing me along to the full recovery He told me in a dream I would have.  It has been 6 years since the stroke and just over 4 years since the dream but I believe recovery is still coming and one day I will be back to normal, as normal as a man in his 70's can be.

Please, America, keep God in front but keep your guns and ammunition ready in case you have to use them.  If democrats get control the blm and antifa thugs may be at your door at any moment.  Asking God for guidance and protection is the most important factor but you may still have to stand and fight so be ready on both counts.  I am as ready as I can be given my current physical situation and stay prayed up for when I will need God to protect me from evil in human beings.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 8, 2020



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