• Take the land of those who have been there for generations and make it a no man's land? INFORCE OUR LAWS, TAKE DOWND THE CARTELS, WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THIS, IT'S THE WILL THATS MISSING! 

    We don't end more inconvenience for the American citizens........use our laws! 

  • Aligators,... a few thousand well placed Aligators and... viola! No one wades in the Rio Grand... The Aligators are happy and the boot, lugage and purse makers are happy... Maintencne and processsing cpsts are way down... don't even need to cremate any remains.  Flordia residents are happey as the local Aligator population is drawn way down.

    Its a win, win.. and any politicians or public objections can be settled by sending such individuals to conduct a perosnal investigaiton into the effectiveness of aLigator guards on the Rio Grand.  Low cost maintenance no federal employee retirement or salaries... and the creation of new jobs harvesting well fed Aligator meat and leather products.sssssssssssssssssss 

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • A DMZ at the US  Mexico border?  I say YES and "incapacitate" anything that tries to cross, except at a manned crossing gate;  handle it the same way we do at entrances to our military bases.  That said, we would need to do the exact same thing at our northern border, which is much longer.  

    This job could be assigned to our military forces, on a "roteting" deployment basis, in addition to regular border patrol.  That is only my own personal opinion.

  • Much of the land just North of the Border is PRIVATELY OWNED... It would need to be purchased to establish a demilitarized or no entry zone  The Southern US border is 1200 miles long... the Korean DMZ is 160 miles long. and is permanently GUARDED by military personnel from prepared defensive positions and listening posts... Even then, a very small number of incursions have managed to breach the Korean DMZ.

    Is a Southern border DMZ possible...Yes.  Is it practical?  Only if tis properly manned, maintained, and regularly patrolled... Although, a DMZ-type barrier would be expensive to build, operate, and maintain it would be much cheaper than letting this illegal alien invasion and Drug smuggeling to continue.

    • Wonder if any of those private land owners would be willing to sell at a reduced price, since they would benefit from the added security of such a zone?

    • Why should the Americans be inconvenienced AGAIN, JUST APPLY THE LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE. THERES NO REASON AT ALL WHY WE CANNOT CONTROL THE's just the lack of will! 

    • I am sure that many of the landowners would be glad to have an access road along a wall keeping out the drug dealers, human traffickers, and illegal aliens.... HOwever, there will be a few holdouts as they try to become billionaires on the backs of US Taxpayers.

    • True, there are always some of those around.

    • So true

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