Propaganda = Grooming the Public


The public has been continuously and completely groomed by subtle propaganda placed in our entertainment tv shows, educational institutions, movies, and other media, for over the last 95 years to bring about an ongoing paradigm change in American, and even world society. It's main purpose is to make American and World societies to conform to what those in power want the world to be like for their personal profits and power benefit. 
Note: I have been streaming TV shows lately, and have noticed things I never gave a second thought to when they were originally shown. I was watching the TV show Bones, and in the season 4- 5 2009-2010 they did a show on Transgenders that tried to normalize and create sympathy for them. Including a bit about how they were surgically recreated in their "proper" physical body. that brought to mind the original Star Trek shows from the 1960's. That theme about a cashless society that had a value system similar to the idealistic Communism beliefs fits in the period of possible grooming of the public to accept what is happening today.
Early anti-gun philosophy was ingrained in all the cowboy, detective, and police shows of the 1950's portraying the gun as extremely unnecessary and even dangerous and deadly in the hands of the public. Implying that only gangsters/criminals wanted access to firearms on a daily basis, but guns were good for everyone for protection, but only in the hands of police, military, and government agencies.
It's shows like those, and many others marketed as light entertainment, lead me to believe people of the world have been groomed for at least 15 years and probably even longer, to accept all the perverse crap they are loading us with now.
It's eerily similar to when Goebbels used the methods that Edward Louis Bernays codified in his seminal work 1928 "Propaganda", and he even used Posters like we use memes today as a rudimentary form of iconography.  I think we need to look back to shows and trends going back to the early 1950's to get a handle on just how much grooming the bastards in charge have been shoving off on us. More importantly to learn what the next progressions are likely to be and have the means to unravel them and also thje existing ones so we can go back to what we always believed Honorable American Society to be.
Any thoughts on this?
The Tradesman

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  • It is a little-by-little propaganda to both wear us down and to minimize more and more, all things righteous and good and uplifting.
    It is all spiritual first and foremost. We have an enemy. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.

    The first thing he comes after is the Word of God. Just like in the Garden, Surely God has not said.... then fill in the blank.
    The righteous do not move from the one stance of TRUTH. Ever. We are to occupy in whatever way we can.
    Prayer is still warfare.


    • Prayer helps with out a doubt, but we must actively oppose the evil that the propagandists have wrought.

    • Absolutely, in every way we can. Boots on the ground and mouths speaking truth wherever and whenever. 

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    • Unfortunately the uninformed and lazy far outnumber us.

  • You are probably correct in your view, but if you have a Biblical outlook this early perversion doesn't affect you, it's all just entertainment

    • It's a slippery slope of "just a little bit worse..."

    • We still must resist and fight it.


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