• We have to fight, defend our rights given to us by our constitution and all the men and women who had fought and died in wars for our freedom.

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  • Wallace is a jerk

  • Yep. Sick em Paul where with you.

    keep it up Wallace you're gonna get the same spanking your Daddy did.

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  • WAKE UP!
    The Democrats plan to use the Armed Forces to kill you if you believe in your Second Amendment right.
    HR 127
    "Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:
    "(B) Access
    "The Attorney General shall make the contents of the database accessible to...all branches of the United States Armed Forces...."

    The central government in Washington, D. C., is intent on violating the Constitution and eliminating the rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution. If we do not stop this unconstitutional overreach of the government in D. C. at the state government level, we will be subjected to unconstitutional tyranny at our homes.
    I want to see the state legislature put this resolution on the floor for a vote. I want to know who in the state government will stand up for the people and the Constitution, and who is part of the coup. (Created for the state of Texas, change the name of state as necessary.)
    1) “Arms” are defined as any device using a chemical propellant or compressed gas to accelerate a projectile in the specific direction intended by the shooter, held in the arms, and allows one projectile to be emitted for any one action of the shooter.
    2) Every legal resident of the state of Texas that has not been denied the right to keep and bear arms in accordance with the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution “due process” as defined in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution or has not voluntarily given up the right to keep and bear arms, has the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution to possess arms as part of their “effects” specified in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, to be secure from intrusive investigation and registration not authorized by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.
    3) Any attempt to enter private property or residence for the purpose of obtaining information on firearm possession without the justification of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution can be resisted by any means available to the legal resident, or any person witnessing the unconstitutional intrusion.

    • Isn't that the truth?

  • How did we get here? We the people are the silent but huge majority. We let the radical left carry their voice. That's how we got here.

    • We trusted and believed the politicians and ignored what they were actually doing. Now China has control over our power grid. Thanks Biden. 


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