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  • Hmm, absolutely do NOT raise the debt ceiling and then, proceed to disband every single non-essential bureau and department not specifically allowed by the Constitution, along with civilian employees.  Let's start burning up Congressional phone lines and crash their computer system.  Most of all, email Speaker McCarthy at "" and make our demands known.

  • Money talks.....but hate, the overwhelming hate, their lust for power is greater than anything.

  • Sounds like a good idea, but even if youi get it through the House; it is very doubtful you will get it through the Senate.

  • Biggs talks the talk, but will he walk the walk!!!!  In the last 60 years, all I hear is TALK, except from PRESEDENT TRUMP!!!!!!  TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Andy, and the elected and unelected, progressive statists must be stopped from weaponizing our justice system from their ivory towers in the urban bastions of the big cities. Our states have governed themselves relatively well without the interference and encroachment of the federal government for nearly 250 years. And an Article V Convention of States appears to be the only peaceful way for We the People to restore true self-governance in our great country. The most important questions to ask about any important task are; "Who is going to do it, and who is going to pay for it." And the answer to both is; "We the People", which are the first three words of our Constitution. A couple of more relevant questions might be; "If not us, then who, and if not now, then when?"

  • Good for you I pray you defund more of these corrupt agencies

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