• Oh well, we should be used to it, they love the illegals who will help them become the only party in America!

  • I'm just so done with it all. Nothing will be fixed and this great nation is DONE

  • Someone wake this man up... He's a day late and 31 Trillion short...   The solution is not going to be found in the empty rhetoric of Congress.  These problems have been here for decades... they have finally reached critical mass.  The nation's problems can no longer be swept under the carpet or paved over with a temporary FIX ...

    Empty rhetoric and pandering to the left are no longer working... Both parties have been throwing other people's money at the problem for decades.  Congress's solution to our social and economic problems has been to give the addict a temporary fix... Only to discover the addict returns the next day with a  friend...each looking for a fix. Eventually, one runs out of other people's money.  And, when these addicts don't get their daily fix... they'll thank us by burning down our homes and businesses.

    We need Congress to act on the issues that need to be resolved... we don't need more rancor to define the problem or empty rhetoric to remind us that the problems are approaching critical mass. We need welfare and economic reforms that put all Americans back to work and return the government to its Constitutional roots. Welfare should not be an occupation and neither should elected and appointed government service..

    • Well said sir.

    • Yep, Colonel. We have one party and the RINOs destroying teh country whist the Repub party does nothing but talk and that is cheap.


  • Right on!

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