• This is not new... I wrote and commented on COVID-19 from the beginning, March of 2022, offering proof for the illegal research leading up to the pandemic... the research creating COVID-19 was illegal and constitutes evidence of the development of a BIO-WEAPON... 

    How many Congressional investigations must we hear about before Dr. Fauci is prosecuted... More than enough investigations have taken place.  Take the evidence of covert bio-weapons research that Congress and the DOJ already have to a Grand Jury. Stop the MISDIRECTION and marry-go-round, the never-ending calls for more investigations... PROSECUTE.

  • To.heck with investigation it's time to start charging and go to trial. Quit talking and walk the walk.

    • Agree with you totally. Cut the BS & get it done

    • Me to also!!!

  • Changing the definition of a process from Gain of Function to a more legally sounding term doesn't negate that the COVID-19 Virus was manufactured and modified to make the virus more contagious and deadly... that is teh essence of a Bi0-Weapon.   COVID-19 had no other purpose than to INFECT and KILL as many humans as possible.  It is illegal to engage in such research and Fauci was smack in the middle of funding the research used to create the COVID-19  pandemic.

  • It's way past time to lock up Dr. Death Fauci

  • It is high time for that monster to be held accountable for his crimes against all humanity. Nuremberg 2 seems appropriate.

    • you got that right. He is guilty of Genocide all for profit

    • He is not the only one, either. Head of FDA is another. 

    • Don't forget all the hospitals, nursing homes that also murdered their patients. The docto4s who are still today pushing the fake vaccine. The schools that forced children into masks and kept them from having an education! They all need to pay for what they have done!

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