This is a significant dose of sunlight that aligns with everything known about how the RNC Corporation operates.  Additionally, given what we have witnessed coming from the history of the RNC operation, the claim tracks.

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History does show that Ronna McDaniel cares more about her Wall Street donor appointed position in the corporation, than she does about election outcomes that would be against the interest of those same Wall Street donors.  So, this claim makes sense in multiple ways.

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  • Who isn't sick of these self-centered rinos running the GOP? Even if all of us keep voting for them no matter what? This got to stop. They aren't only going against Arizona, they are obviously undermining President Donald J. Trump in 2020 as well. They don't like it either that Trump works only for America and Americans selflessly and that he can't be bought. These rinos despise Trump for his gracious and selfless attitude while they are self centered and egomaniacs showing off their powers whenever they can.

  • Numerous times I've responded to the 24/7/365 panhandling emails, text messages, phone messages, and snail mail solicitations with scathing detailed letters to McDaniel, Emmers, McCarthy, and McConnell.  If there's no check in the envelope, I'm sure all my verbiage goes into file #13.  The gist of the messages usually contains a list of the treacherous maggots in the House and Senate who are bonafide RINOS and chronicles of the inept "leadership" of this gaggle of back-stabbers, liars, and sef-serving hacks.  I also never forget to address their personal traits as being incompetent, indifferent, treacherous, and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.  McDaniel couldn't orchestrate a three car funeral.  Her uncle never was a REAL Republican.  He was always a socialist-leaning carpetbagger.

  • The time has come to stop donating to the RNC send your donation to the candidate not until the GOP will wants again means Government Of the People 

  • The RNC is the other side of the same coin. As a relatively newly appointed Precinct Committeeperson, at my 2nd meeting, the meeting was dismissed, some people left, and then they announced that Ohio Central Committee, with no input from the 88 counties, had approved both early and absentee voting. 2020 changed nothing. State Central Committee meetings are just as much monitered as the local precincts, in that you have to be checked in and assigned to a table in your district, so no one can get in.

    If they are not taking and making changes, nor seeking input from the hundreds of servants doing the work, then the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Silence is guilt.

    • Pres. Trump and a group of wealthy donors need to consider organizing a serious challenge to the GOP’s leadership.  Starting with the co-opting of several Key States and expanding as the calls for reform grow.

      Individual or small un-resourced local challenges will not work…  It will take serious organizational skills to mount an effective challenge to the GOP leadership.  The Base must be motivated, EDUCATED on the NEED, and instructed on the means to co-opt the Party leadership, using the system's by-laws and internal organization.  It will undoubtedly take LAWSUITS to challenge the RNC and GOP management at the State and National levels… as they will not engage in change fairly.  Jea9 reported one incident in Ohio that will be repeated across the nation if the current leadership feels threatened ... as they will seek to deny any member or group, challenging them, access to the Party meetings.

       Any attempt to co-opt the current GOP/RNC organization and leadership will take large sums of money and the resources necessary to organize, and finance the takeover... The ground game will require large numbers of support personnel who are qualified to organize, train and motivate the local GOP base, on the issues involved in such a takeover.  Well-targeted and tailored public information campaigns that inform and solicit the party base to become involved in party meetings, etc., will be essential to the co-opting of the party. 

      Local Seminars that focus on organizing and educating the GOP Base as activists will be necessary to build the needed support.  These seminars need to key on explaining the inner workings of the party,  They need to educate, equip and inform, the base on the actions needed to gain control of the county, state, and finally the National RNC/ GOP organization.  

      We cannot expect novice party members to deal with the crooked and devious GOP/RNC party leadership... they must know the ground rules… the local, state, and national party by-laws, and the internal workings need to be understood by the Party's base.  that knowledge and its use are necessary if we want to get rid of the RINOs in the GOP/RNC.

  • Yes ma'am  me too!!

  • I  never donate to the RNC because I know how corrupt they are. (you know like the demoncrats)

    • I agree. Had a GOP spoke person call me for Donations and I told him I may donate to a Candate but will never donate to the GOP where my money may be going to back any RINO's



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