• No, I was emphasizing that Hope alone is not what was needed... having hope without a basis, in reality, leads to serious disappointments.  Given the desperate situation, we find our nation in, HOPE must be mixed with sufficient reality, to ensure that we are prepared for ALL possible events/scenarios... any inconsistency is the result of not knowing which scenario will occur as each scenario requires different actions... different hopes... one size here doesn't fit all.

      Finally, Hope is not always grounded in reality.. that is why I called it a powerful opiate... it gives us the nerve and strength to carry on. Hope is a necessity ... just like opiates are a necessity when confronting serious pain and medical problems... a little hope is ok... too, much is delusional... like an opiate it takes just the right amount to be properly administered

    • Ron, some people can't grasp the wisdom in your words.  I too have hope but my hope is tempered by a lot of reality.  My biggest hope is that God will answer my prayers and deliver His people from this evil long before we are raptured out.

    • Col Nelson - you are so right.  We must always remember what "hope and change got us".  Years of lying, degradation of the power of the US, despair, a worsening economy etc etc etc.  And now his followers are even worse then he was - more lowly, more unethical, more dishonest.  They seek only power and there are 100s of 1000s who would give them that power.


  • Today is Jan. 15 a Friday and the day Trump is supposed to DECLASSIFY EVERYTHING, can't wait for the feathers to fly!


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    • this is sick

    • We need to remember that Rome phase 2 is where the false Messiah will have his throne. He is the one called the beast in Revelation. Satan is the Antichrist and the False Prophet is the church called Thyatira which we call Roman Catholic. God tells true believers to come out of her. She is connected with idol worship and calls Mary the "mother of God" as if she was a God and denies that she had other children. Etc. She is also called "Mystery Babylon" for that was her very beginnings with Semiramis and Tammuz her son whom she claimed, knowing no man, she had and that he died and came back to life. The meetings have some truth so it is a mixture and some have trusted in Jesus that is why God calls them out of her. 

      These events are in what is referred to as the great tribulation.

      see Rev 17:  ; Daniel 7.

  • Good

  • We can all agree to drain the swamp!  But how far does this rabbit hole go?  All the previous comments ask the same questions, why now?  Where is the DOJ?  Durham investigation results?  Biden and Ukrain? I believe we should be able to see it all if nothing else but to restore our faith in the "Republic for which it stands!"

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