• This sham case against President Donald J. Trump will collapse for sure. First of all, he says that he was never with this low life woman who isn't even close to being in his league. Second, since there was nothing to begin with, why would he have to pay hush money? Third, since he didn't pay hush money, he didn't falisify any business records. Once again, it is beyond me why so many people turn against President Trump after they were in his inner circle. Who wouldn't want to work for a great man like President Trump?

    • Many wealthy man pay hush money Whan there's no truth to the accusations because its easier to pay them something and have then go away than to put the family through the hassle, and pay much higher legal fees. I don't believe Trump would ever be desperate enough to sleep with a hooker or a porn star.


    • Exactly and it's such a clown show anymore from the left uni-party that they ALL need a serious comeuppance.


  • It's about time they did SOMETHING besides talk

  • YES; what will be the DemocraPS next trick. ..If the Democrat Voting Public could only understand that their party doesn't give a 'Rats' Rump" for OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  They Do NOT realize that without A SECURE NATION all the "bennies" that they tell thepublic they will provide are NOTHING....would NOT Exist. Just as OUR NATION Will NOT EXIST IF THEY DON'T WAKE UP.  This country is on trial....

  • Is it collapsing? Do they have something up their sleeve?  Besides, they do whatever they can, the law doesn't have to apply, whatever works to get rid of Trump!

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