• Understand and know "Our Histories." All Totalitarianism was "One Person Controlled" and destroyed from within. All Socialism/Communism is short lived and destroyed from within. These are enemies such as when compared to gardens are needful of weeds and robbed of nutrients.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • RFK is correct... It is time for leadership to mount a counter-revolution... without leadership, an effective national organization, and RESOURCING sufficient to carry the battle forward we will lose our nation and our children will become the next generation of Marxist surfs... 

    • the problem is that the "leadership" in government is all on the new world order side!!!!!!!!!  At this point I believe our ONLY hope is Almighty God!!!!!  We the People need to adopt 2 Chronicles 7:14 as our personal plan to turn the nation around, pray it AND live it!!!!!!!!!


    • God commands and the righteous arise... God speaks and Godly leadership obeys. Where are the anointed ministers of God crying out from the high towers of our land?  Where are the anointed watchmen, set upon the wall, to warn the nation of the unfolding tribulation?  Great is the tribulation upon us, but greater is our God and His Anointed. 

      Let the Angels cry out, let the four winds speak and the mountains cleave... for the unrighteous sing in their tabernacles, and the just suffer from the iniquity of their deeds. Arise ye Saints of the Lord and take up the full armor of thy Father in Heaven, that ye be not caught naked in the Day of Testing.... in the Hour of Judgment.

      Make straight the way of the Lord... for surely He has heard the cries of the innocent as they are lead to the slaughter.  Millions in the way, millions more crying out for help.  Let the children of God arise and right the wrong ... make straight the way of the Lord. Let this year be the gathering of the Saints, the congregation of the upright, a testimony to God's authority in the Earth and His salvation.  Amen.

      Let the winds blow.... let the tides rise and the seas be full.  Let the heavens declare the Glory of the Lord and the Earth bow before Him. For God returns, soon the waves shall speak and the mountains will bow low, every tongue and kindred soul shall bend their knee before the Lord of Glory. God is not mocked, nor is He slow to act, God is patient and long-suffering, wanting that none should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the Lord and be saved.  Awake now, while there is still light. Take up the cup of our Lord and drink, take of His Word and Eat that ye may be saved. Time is sorely short and soon the salvation of the Lord will no longer be present on the Earth... Millions in the valley of decision ... Decide this day whom ye shall serve.  Will it be Mammon or the Lord of Glory... Jesus Christ of Nazareth?  Amen.

    • Ron, I agree we need preachers speaking out but they are afraid of losing their tax exempts status if they do.  It was preachers who started the great awakenings before the Revolutionary and Civil Wars that did so much to begin and further our nation!!!!!  Until then it is up to people like you and me to do what we can to get people speaking up.  I daily pray for a revival that will turn things around and I live my life every day with 2 Chronicles 7:14 in mind; "If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways I will hear them from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land".  I not only pray it I pattern my life after it, and have for many years.  I pray that tens of millions of people who confess Christianity will do the same.  Right now there are entire denominations bowing to satan through political correctness, wanting to avoid the wrath of the satanic left.  I am called a homophobic, islamophobic, mysoginistic, xenophobic, racist, hater because I speak out against things that go against the principles of the Bible but I am being loyal to God so what they say doesn't matter to me.  I got banned from facebook 2 years ago over my posts but I don't care, I stand by my beliefs!!!!!!!!!!


  • I agree with RFK jr. with his assertion of adult self-sacrifice for children, as it applies to Western civilization.

    And I of course point out we do not have a Democracy, but rather a Constitutional republic. (what can I say....)

    • RFK Jr. needs to act upon his words... to organize the resistance and to resource its needs.  Words are but empty vessels of potential... they accomplish nothing without action.  Someone send this short rebuttal to him...

    • I think he will, given the time and opportunity. How can anyone who loves his country be meagre or casual in stewardship with its future? I sense he wants to, but lingers at the threshold of  provocation for advocacy, because of the worship collective socialism pays his family (this serves our interests), the kind that has been afforded the somewhat black man Barack Obama. The Kennedy name having revered status countered with his denounciation of activist leftism, creates dismay and confusion in their circles. The agitators want to denounce him, but hesitate to form the accusations knowing it will create uncertainty in their blinkered perspective of ends justifying means. He must as a member of his family first be adulterated as a liberal symbol before he can be manhandled in the forum of public ideas. I suspect that RFK jr knows this is what he will face. But the support and inclusion by patriots for speaking and acting for the good of the Nation, is like water in the desert for a man being tried for his beliefs. I welcome him and support him loudly declaring his intentions and allegiances as expediently as possible to add to the Nations service. Leaders like Trump, De Santis, and yes even RFK jr are vitally needed now. Americas destiny wants figureheads as National images to bring the focus to.

    • Agreed...

    • Well he has written a book and he has spoken and continues to speak out strongly.  I would welcome further action on his part, but would caution making amorphous demands on someone who has already made a contribution.  We don't want, or need to unnecessarily alienate someone in a position of authority in public office who is already contributing, do we?  I mean who is it we couldn't make the same demand on?

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