• She doesn't want to be beaten!

  • Why wait, Rona; just GO AWAY!!

    • I'm just hoping Lara Trump will replace her!

    • Lara would be a great option!

  • What is she waiting for?  Do it now!

    • South Carolina is done......she can leave now!

  • Why doesn't the Lying RINO, Ronna Romney McDaniel, step down now?  Every day she is runniung the RNC is another good day for the democrats.  The RNC must be led by a MAGA conservative. 

    • Agreed, only 9 months to Election and every day is needed to MAGA-ize the party and get out the vote.

      Depending on who takes the reins we must all work to get the Rinos out and beat the dims.

    • Right on, Robert. Total loyalty to MAGA and to President Trump is the only way forward for the GOP and for the country.

  • Finally some good news! What other useless figure will fill her spot? 

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