• Hey! Bob you are right and that's the reason why the government is not following the constitution.


  • Corrupt Democrat fraudsters:  ARE YOU GONNA BELIEVE ME OR YOUR LYIN' EYES?"


    • Andy, I agree 100%!!!!!

  • Time for all Americans start protesting start telling everyone Trump is the President call everyone send messages call your representatives call everybody from the dog catcher to those dead who voted.

    • My fax machine is fired up.

    • Too late for that.

      Its now time to lock and load.

    • It needs to have started already. 

      This government disgusts me.


    • I am with you Christoph 100%

  • It had better come BEFORE January 6th and it needs to awe-inspiring... Shock and awe should be seen on the faces of every corrupt politician and civil servant in our government as the sword of justice finally strikes the enemies of our Constitutional Republic.  Make no mistake those engaged in the COUP or political corruption have betrayed their offices and are most despicable... worthy of arrest, detention, and judgment... 

    Declare Martial Law Mr. President and use your Office to take out the garbage in government... MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by removing the graft and corruption from its halls and seats of justice.  Strike deep and hard... spare no one who has betrayed their office and the People's trust... go after Judge and civil servant, politician and Marxist publishers and media, strip bare the educational system of its rotten timber... its Marxist ideologues and send them off to GITMO and other appropriate venues for reeducation and or retribution... before they destroy what is left of our Great Nation.

    • I am with you 100%

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