CNN Paid Antifa Agitator Charged Over Capitol Riots, Court Documents Show
    Black Lives Matter activist John Sullivan paid thousands by anti-Trump networks CNN & NBC - The far-left Antifa/Black Lives Matter agitator, who was…
  • The hate wasn't because of President Trump's personally, The hate was because President Trump "STOPPED" Obama's "Plan to fundamentally change our U.S.A." to a "SOCIALIST / COMMUNIST" U.S.A.!
    The speedy way Joe Biden is destroying everything President Trump has done for the best interest of; "THE U.S.A. FIRST"; is proof that Obama and his "IDIOT PUPPET; JOE BIDEN" has to "TAKE THIS COUNTRY DOWN FROM WITHIN VERY FAST" so it can't be fixed...

  • There're more that welcome out here if they don't mind being in the country

  • That's blm and antifa for you. They are on a killing rampage.

  • "Cancel Culture" takes its name literally ... Just like the old Mafia: a murderous criminal enterprise.

  • How can people be so cruel and ugly?  Are they so into hating Trump that common sense, if the had any, has now flown away?  This needs to be investigated and the purpetrators punished!

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