• As bad as the Evil Satan Serving Crunt that's there now, LYINGTRAITOR?  Shchiff should be tried and shot for treason, and he ain't the only one!!!!

  • Shifty shiffman  is s durty lier .

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  • Yeah, a disaster for you stinking demoncrats

    • AMEN 

  • President Trump is hated because he is not a politician he is for the people and this is what they fear.

  • "Total Fear" normally brings out the "Idiot Response."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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  • If you want to see what a person lying to you just watch this lyer. The constant looking away to try to keep his thoughts straight. If you are not making things up you look straight at the person you are talking to. We have also watched him make up things about trump on live TV. He needs to be removed from office,investigated and stripped of all benefits and retirement. Possibly go to Jail for a long,long time.

  • Hard to believe how much they hate President Trump and are I believe jeasous of President Trump.  Seems they can't understand how a person can be successful without stealing from American Taxpayers.

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