• After all of the revelations about the leftist "snakes" that we parents have found lurking beneath the superficially spotless public school facade, any parents that aren't concerned and on-board with solving this appalling problem are either egotistical, self-centered jerks, who put their cushy personal lifestyles above any real concern for their children, or are too lazy and stupid to bother making any serious effort to fight this poisonous indoctrination and are just hoping it all goes away so they can roll over and go back to sleep. The only real answer is to get rid of the entire school board (and, in many cases, the entire corrupt school administration as well as many fanatic left-wing teachers) in your community, especially if any of the CRT tainted material is present or any resistance to parental review of all teaching material is detected. That kind of reform is hard to do, but it will be well worth it for the children’s sake!


  • "Cultural Discipline"
    A non-discipline for "Faux Oppressed" children, while children who are "Faux Oppressors" are strictly disciplined.
    Ask any School Bus Driver who are trying to have a safe trip for all, but some children don't have to follow Safety Rules.
    The only cure for this insanity is "Private Schools" or "School Choices" who value Safety Rules for all children...
    The downside of all of this is dividing children because of "CULTURE" who will be raised and trained to be a future of "Militant Minds"...
    "What's wrong with that picture"???...


  • We absolutely MUST run for school board posts.  Yes, I know you think your school board is "clean."  Now think again.

    • Absolutely essential and perhaps most important and John once we take control refuse all federal monies and go back to local funding and control.  Every community to determine how their educational system is run and what their children will learn.  Get rid of all these self serving administrators

    • Boy, did you ever hit the nail squarely on the head!!

  • Cultural discipline, well now there's a phrase open to interpretation.

    • Ain't it da troot, Lopie!  They really think we are stupid! 

    • We certainly don't do much to disabuse of the notion.  You are spot on above.  They need to be removed from office and when we take control we shouldn't lose our nerve.  We are there to return all decisions to local authorities and parents who elect them

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    • God and prophecy are welcome to jump in at any time and join the fight.  Remember what Lincoln said to his secretary of state, Steward?  Steward was arguing about freeing all the slaves in Maryland and thereby at least knowing they would have God on our side.   Lincoln responded by saying, "Well as much as I would like to have God on my side, I simply must have Kentucky."  That's sort of how I feel.  Divine providence is welcome to join in at any time and whatever it takes to drop to dispose of these people, traitors that they are.  Drop them like a bad habit and break their strangle hold is most welcome and, if prophecy helps, then Prophecy gets a chorus of hallelujahs from me.

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