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In a book by the late Pope Benedict XVI, published posthumously, the pontiff wrote that homosexual clubs openly operate in Catholic seminaries, which prepare candidates to become priests. Much of this activity is specifically in the United States, he wrote. 

Benedict's posthumous writings also heavily criticize current Pope Francis, who Benedict says is pushing a progressive agenda. Benedict, who died on December 31 at 95, wrote that the church was on the verge of "collapse" and said that priests and bishops were being permitted to watch porn at the seminaries.

As translated from Italian, Benedict's writings state that he no longer wished to publish anything so long as he lived, because of the fierce opposition he would face if he made such revelations. Much of Benedict's criticism of Francis, and the progressive direction in which the Argentine Pope is leading the church, has emerged since his death.

"For my part, in life, I no longer want to publish anything. The fury of the circles against me in Germany is so strong that the appearance of every my word immediately causes a murderous shouting from them. I want to spare myself and Christendom this," he wrote."

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  • The Pope, is the Pope even Catholic anymore?

    • Not the current one. FYI - -  the communists managed to invade the Vatican in the 1950s. Since the death of Pope Pius XII, we have had ONLY TWO legitimate Popes- - St. John Paul Ii and Benedict XVI. Do the research and prove it for yourself.

    • PS- - Pius XII died in 1958.

  • I'm not catholic but this is truly tragic

This reply was deleted.