• If her dog peed on her leg, she would blame her neighbor's lawn sprinkles!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The commies always blame the right  for doing precisely what they themselves are doing! We have this half wit in office and she is talking as if Trump is still in the WH!

  • Just Wackohantas continuing to prove she's the village idiot we all know her to be.

  • Warren is disgusting slime. There is no truth in her.

  • Stupid witch you fear President Trump because he is president for the people not the government or politicans 

  • OMG - talk about a tyrant's syncophnat.  For goodness sake people of Massachusettes - do you have a brain in your collective heads. How on earth do you keep electing this lying disgraceful, unethical, unprincipled person to office. 

  • I have always found it somewhat ironic that Serial Killers never find these types as victims.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Always nice to be lectured by some rat basterd communist 

  • Poker her in the highness!

  • Can't  we get rid of these communest  .

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