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As Members and partners of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based NGOs that implement and advocate for U.S. humanitarian, health, development, and democracy programs, we welcome the inclusion of more than $10 billion in humanitarian assistance in the Senate’s supplemental package to address global needs.

While not endorsing the bill in its entirety, we appreciate the bipartisan recognition that supplemental humanitarian assistance is necessary and prudent, and we urge all members of Congress to support this funding to address humanitarian needs. We also acknowledge concerning policy provisions included in the supplemental package that impact the lives of people we work with and require additional analysis and debate.

Global humanitarian needs are at near record high as conflict, hunger, and displacement impact countless lives around the world. These supplemental funds will save lives, demonstrate U.S. leadership, and foster a more secure world; nevertheless, they cannot be a substitute for strong, consistent base appropriations.

We look forward to continuing to work with Congress to protect supplemental humanitarian and development assistance in Fiscal Year 2024 and to engage productively on additional policies that impact the lives of people all over the world.

Accelerate Global

Helvetas USA


Humanity & Inclusion

Action Against Hunger


ADRA International

iMMAP Inc.

Alliance to End Hunger


American Jewish World Service

International Medical Corps


International Relief Teams


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  • Let's see... hunger is a major problem in the USA ...

    What?  With food stamps, meals on Wheels, school breakfast, lunch and snack programs, commodities, private food banks, soup kitchens, and dumpsters.... it is no wonder Americans are overweight.

    As to world hunger, it is not as much a food shortage as it is a distribution, waste, spoilage, and corruption problem...  There is plenty of food... getting it to the hungry is the problem... bad and corrupt managment is a major issue.   Throwing more food at the problem to see what sticks to the wall will not improve the situation.  

  • Congress controls the purse strings, so let's hammer our reps and demand they start cutting costs, by NOT funding NGOs!!

    • Congress controls NOTHING....nada damn thing... they appear to control the purse.   However, when they try to play hardball we find they have switched the rules and are playing softball without a bat... or balls.

  • No more to NGO's getting rich on our dollar.

  • Stop all aid to NGOs... the only reason such organizations exist is that the Globalists and Marxists are unable to secure DIRECT FEDERAL FUNDING and managment of the types of programs these NGOs support.  Many of these NGOs have direct ties to the Socialist International and other Marxist groups.

    Private humanitarian organizations that are effective and non-political are nearly nonexistent ... private organizations that are effective have no problem operating on charitable gifts from private citizens and corporations.

  • Unbelievable corruption


    • Yes, this needs to be abolished immediately.  

This reply was deleted.