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  • load their asses on a C-130 take them back to Mexico and drop them off at the nearest police station it is THEIR citizens NOT THE USA

    • Just to point out a flaw in your arguement, most are not citizens of Mexico either.  While I don't think Mexico should have even let the into their country, the Mexican government is not responsible for people who are not their citizens. Many of those coming in illegally are not even hispanics.  . 


    • Agreed...

      However, it is not that easy... Mexico will deny the return of their abandoned children, as will all the other Marxist States involved.   America must be prepared to deposit these children on the soverign solid of their home states, in ways that don't expose the children to excessive risk or danger.  Shipping them by US Naval Vessels and depositing them on beaches, using landing craft, next to villages where the children can find immediate relief and safety, and America in places where  America is not confronted by Mexico's military while attempting to return there neglected children. 

      We must find a non-confrontational so'lution... or be prepared to declare a state of beligerance between the US and Mexico.  Followed by the immediate closing of our border with Mexico to ALL TRAFFIC, commercial and public, until Mexico makes credible guarantees to stop the illegal mass migration and accepts the return of their abandoned children and ALL illegal aliens. who have illegally entered our nation using their border to gain access to America.

  • Pack these children up and deliver them to their Embassy in the US... the law requires them to handle the disposition of their minor children who are found illegally and unaccompanied in America.

    How about enforcing the law... US and International law regarding the disposition of non-citizen children found in a country without parents or a guardian. The current process is actually illegal. Congress knows this and refuses to act.  Let the several States remove these displaced children from their states, since the Federal Government will not, and let the State's return them to the country of their last known transit or home country if identifiable. MEXICO is responsible for permitting the transit of these children thru their territory.  Let Mexico conduct any further identification of these unaccompanied children and return them to their parents or the State of their origin. 

    America is not responsible for children of foreign nationals and belligerent states that allow HUMAN TRAFFICKING of their own children... make no mistake these children are the tools of Marxist, corrupt States, and their citizens, who traffic in the misery of these children.  America can not be held responsible for the world's street urchins and orphans. 

  • This is purely Demonic 

  • Only a freak could do this:  why would you accept all these children from other countries with or without families, a social and moral disaster!  They should be sent back to the country of origin or Mexico.  And appy properly to the INS.

  • the devildemocommiecrats wants this crisis covered up, as do the deep state gop TRAITORS like mcconnell.  Ted Cruz and a very few others are honoring their oath of office and being attacked for it!!!!!!!!!!

  • We need the leadership of Trump to do this so, COME ON TRUMP PLEASE Stand up and take control. I am with you and so is 60 million Americans!!!

    • I agree... stop wasting your time on preparing for the next election.  Elections are rigged and will not be fixed until we remove the swamp from office.  Expecting to retake Congress in 2022 is stupid at its best.  Mr. President, was there massive election fraud in the 2020 election?  Has anyone of importance been arrested, any laws reformed?  Do you actually believe fair and open elections are possible given that the same people will be administering the 2022 elections that administered the 2020 Elections?

      Stop working on elections and start working on an Article 5 Convention to pass a Term limit and a Recall Amendment.... recall all the sitting government subject to new elections and restrict anyone presently holding public office... elected, appointed, or commissioned from running in the new elections.  Establish a one-term limit on pubic office... 6yrs. with  1/3rd of the government standing for election and appointments every 2yrs.

      Do something that will work... think outside the box ... elections put us where we are today and they will not return us to the Republic our founders left us.  We need Term Limits and we need to get rid of everyone currently in government... replacing them with citizen politicians who serve one term and return to their homes and businesses.

  • WE KNOW THE SOLUTION... CRUZ knows the solution... both parties know the solution the rest is all political theater to make it appear that they care and are working to solve the problem... BS... double BS.  Time to fire them all... ALL  We need the States to step up and Call an article 5 convention to pass and ratify a Recall Amendment... simple enough.   

    The problem is not the BORDER...  the problem is not the illegal aliens, the problem is Congress, and the Federal Government. They refuse to defend our borders, culture and language .. our heritage and frankly our FUTURE is being destroyed.  We need immediate action not talk. Recall the government with an Article 5 Convention to pass and ratify a government recall amendment... get rid of the problem clean out Washington, DC.

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