• Sure.....if you change the meaning of words from as they are in the dictionary to mean something different.......yes, it's possible that words can brake bones. Just like claiming a man  can have babies. If a person with a vagina makes the claim she is a he true, and  this person is pregnant......a man can have a baby! Never mind that calling anyone with a vagina a man is insane!

  • All these empty headed idiots from the RESIDENT down, that the commiecrat party relies upon are carefully hand picked because they're the perfect stooge to follow marching orders

  • It truly amazes me how such an imbecile can stay in that position for as many years as she has. Oh, wait.....never mind.


  • Ol' jackazz lee, flappin' her gums again.

  • Only one word for Sheila Jackson Lee - FOOL!!!

  • This illiterate maggot needs to be disregarded along with the lying media she so often frequents.

  • Just like Biden, neither of these two individuals have accomplish anything significant for the people. They are just mouth pieces and votos for the establishment.

  • These are two very dispicable people

  • Just another Liberal Democrat Nut Job who is not qualified to run a Daycare

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