• ABSOLUTELY NOT, they should be punished for their crimes, descrimination 100 years ago has nothing to do with crimes committed today!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let's see - were the criminals the people who were discriminated against.  No.  Were the people from the past the ones committing the crimes.  No.  You do the crime you do the time.  If that is not the way it works; that is not law.

  • Equal justice under the law DOES NOT SUGGEST PANDERING, ENOUGH ALREADY.

  • Equal justice under the law or no law at all.

  • Is Lady Justice truly blind ... If so? How is she to know when a defendant being sentenced is BLACK? 

    The very idea that we are asking or considering such a question begs an answer to the question:  Who are the true bigots and racists? Justice must remain blind if we are to have equity in the administration of justice by our courts.

    • Well said, Colonel.


  • The idea is beyond dumb. We are all responsible for our own actions. It makes as much sense as black people owing me compensation because my great-great-great grandfather lost a leg fighting for the Union in the war that ended slavery in this country. Ditch the victim mentality and grow up.

  • There should be a 3 strike law. Third strike you don't get back out. Or at least a 20 year minimum sentence after your third arrest.

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