Smug NeverTrumps: Happy now?


There has been predictable silence from the vast majority of my Democratic friends on the utter incompetence of the Biden administration.  These are the same people who spent four years obsessively posting and tweeting that the very existence of the Republic was at stake every time Trump issued a "mean tweet." 

While the Afghanistan fiasco is dominating the news, the administration's blunders extend to a number of other spheres — the southern border, which is basically open to anyone; inflation skyrocketing at rates we haven't seen for decades; out-of-control spending; record-high crime in cities thoroughly run by Democrats; bad actors like China and Iran taking advantage of the administration's weakness; etc.  Biden makes Jimmy Carter look good.  I'm genuinely sad for our country.

The terrorist attacks yesterday are beyond tragic but sadly predictable.  That's what happens when 44,000 or so voters in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin impose their preference for "personality over policy" on the nation. 

I sure hope the smug NeverTrumps, "suburban moms," and moderates who voted for Biden are happy now.  Because of them, instead of having a highly competent and successful administration that brought this country unprecedented peace and prosperity, albeit headed by a sometimes crude president, we are left with a bumbling, incompetent idiot.

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  • So ...let's stop complaining ..and just surrender.??

    All the justice for America that we love,  talk talk talk.

    The "govermnment" is no longer US!  "We the People" hasn't been for more than a century.. 

    I fear that it very well may take the Second Amendment "exercise" to take back our country.

    We are being INVADED at the southern border.  The current administration is following the Obama mantra of the "fundamental transformation" of America.

    The "new normal" will be a country that we will not recognise.  Global communists are running the show. .Biden and Harris are just the faces ...sock puppets.  

    At some point we will have to decide to on our knees......... or die on our feet.  what now?...Patriots??/


  • The Dominion vote-rigging cartel evidently has strong connections in both political parties... voting out RINOs may be very problematic as they don't need popular votes when they can manipulate electronic votes and do it much cheaper than campaigning.... it is possible to win without leaving one's basement.  Who needs real votes, when unlimited numbers of digital votes are available?

  • It has been said to me that MAGA foks are as brainwashed as SJWs. 

    I replied that Donald John Trump was booed by his devoted followers, when he promoted vaccine use recently.

    Assuming this is true, no place will exist in the America First movement for entrenched institutional slugs like Mitch McConnel or Lindsey Graham, except beyond the exit doors.

    • Who ever said Trump was booed by his devoted followers is a lier! Trump did an amazing job with warp speed and also pushing the therapeutics! The problem is, the left lied about both and their sheep voters believed them. They pushed division and confusion 24/7. 

    • Tucker Carlson.

  • All never Trump must go they don't care about America for what it stands so let us get them out of office 

  • The blood of  those Americans killed yesterday is on the hands of all the people that voted for Biden and his incompetent administration.  I hope that sinks in and they all have trouble sleeping tonight.

    • To the left,they wee just eggs to crack for their authoritarian Omelet!  They made the mess on purpose too!...............Believe it!


    • So true! 

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