• I hope she practices what she preaches......that beast should not have children!

  • and so she speaks......

  • Nut job.

  • What''s the max age a person can be that we can still abort her?

  • Heinous, murderous, satanic grease blob- - -everytime I see her ugly mug I want to TOSS MY COOKIES!!

  • Why did you not take precautions not to get pregnant? Once you get pregnant, the life of the baby must be protected.

    • Exactly right.  Every woman has the right to choose --- to choose to not get pregnant, ie any kind of prevention, such as birth control pills, etc.

      And the men who want this geek to lay down and open up for them, they should be using condoms, or keep their pants zipped!

  • ?How can any Christian or American vote for someone like this?

    • The only real faith she has, is  HERSELF!  

  • Too bad your mother didn't use it.

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