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  • Beckon the plumber, electrician, habadasher, merchant to get on down to their VOTING GROUP and "BARK OUT" At THEM These ORDERS.

  • At this point I'm ready to disband the entire govt and go every man for himself

    • It's not our government and hasn't been in a long time. 

  • Respectrfully....

    I firmly believe this is a VERY bad idea...
    For openers - you DO understand the "DHS" is CORRUPT and communistic funded right?
    They haven't been following the Rule of Law for a very long time - they finally got caught....

    I ask; WHAT would stop "DHS" from claiming the illegals were Citizens and the real Citizens - not? Now - like many times in the past - they would claim they made a mistake and go down the road with no one being held accountable for very real crimes... Note that eric holder SHOULD be in prison (or hanging on the end of a rope) yet he walks the streets a free and very rich man!!

    Understand - all it takes is a few months of legal delays to completely upset the election results - and you have already seen our "goverment' will not correct an illegal election after it is discovered...
    Jus Sayin..............

  • Do not look for the States to do a thing... they are part of the Problem... even those espousing patriot policies are at best fickled   Hint... tailoring their message for their audience is not necessarily a solution to any of our serious problems.

    Most state Governors are political animals... feeding where the largest donations are made

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