• Agreed!


  • Here is the problem just nearly all members  of congress are no better than Crazy Nancy!! They either haven't got caught doing a inside stock trade or purchase. If not that kick back on bill voting they are for the most part the best politician that money can buy. Don't get me wrong we have a few really good  guys  and gals up there. You can tell if they trying  to do the job, MSM will demonize them every chance they get.

    • joe, you are correct, too many on the take!!!!!  The few good ones are too few and are kept on the outside by the gop establishment TRAITORS who have sold their souls for wealth and power in this life!!!!!!!!!!


    • You are right, Joe. The first thing that needs to go is MSM aka fake news. We the people cannot tolerate these lies any longer. We need to ensure that only real fact are reported.


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    • You're on the wrong website. Post your stupid, pathetic comments on a commie website, like aol, huffpost or the like. Have a good evening!! KMA

    • You are correct, we were all shocked! I dont think he is a RINO, but he will say anything to be first on the news! People were shocked, and it's  shocking no one here remembers. 

    • I daresay you have not "upset" anyone.

      But neither have you persuaded anyone either.

      Enjoy your evening.

    • Really?? Looking forward to seeing the proof to back up your allegations.

    • Where is your evidence?  I certainly have not seen it.  Either withdraw your allegation or prove it!


    • I agree. Cruz is two-faced. He has no backbone. He thinks we are all stupid and we buy his "change of heart".

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