• Works for me!

  • We are better than blm and antifa, so let's not lower ourselves to that level of ignorance.  Instead, attach a permanent sign to this piece of trash, labeling it the "GREATEST FRAUD IN AMERICAN HISTORY" and leave it at that.

  • BLM is nothing more than Obama's muslim brotherhood! He was trying to convert this country into muslim when was a fake president! 

  • WE must not sit idle any longer.  BLM is not a separate group of privileged anything.   They want AMERICA GONE.    Why can't we tear this down. WHY bc we are not them  no matter how offensive we do not do that.   HE offends many yet we are better than that.

  • This offends me - -GET RID OF IT!!

    • No, changed my mind - -see new post above.

  • the FRAUD and CRIMINAL and TROJAN HORSE. And tear down his "fundamental transormation."6391187263?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Agreed 100%

    • Very good!  My understanding is that in 1961 it was so unusual to see a black and white couple in Kenya that people in Mombasa remembered them. 
      his mother tried to get a flight to Hawaii but wasn't allowed to fly because airline worried she would give birth in flight. She gave birth in Mombasa, and 4 days later flew to Hawaii where she asked to have his birth  recorded. when Obama was Senator, and later running for President, investigators tried to verify the flight. The cards travelers fill out before they exit a plane on an international flight are archived. As it turns out, those cards for the week of his birth were the only ones missing, although years and years of cards have been kept! How strange!


      in addition, a photo of his Hawaiian birth certificate was looked at by a friend who is native Hawaiian. He immediately said it was fake, because the hospital named on it as the hospital he was born did not go by that name in 1961, but apparently the person that created a false certificate apparently didn't know that!! There were other issues he found faulty as well! A fraud is a fraud.

      FYI BE WARNED, oBama is making noises about getting back into public life! Maybe he's trying, hoping, to get named as Bidems running mate!

      God forbid!


    • Obama would never want to be Vice-President. He couldn't find the Senate chamber with GPS and a flashlight, nor could he handle the pay cut.

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