• Thanks. When TPCC  was huge, over 58,000 I think, there were subgroups, quite a few Christian groups and I joined several. I met a woam who lives in HA. She said everyone knew in HI that he was birn in Kenya, she said absolutely were no births in that hispital, it was a children' s hospital, not maternity and not general

       Later, when I saw the fake Live birth certicate, it had been blown up in Adobe software to clarify contrast, and you could see tbe edges of abraded edges from the paper and also see the clear pixels of the changed text. which included the yerm African-American, which was a term not used then

       Negroid was the term used, which is correct as far as accurate racial term. Black is not a race and African American is only a docial justice construct that panders to blacks

       The image clearly was fake. I will also gi as far as to say it is possible he murdered his own grandmother. His brother had go e pu lic with the fact that 0 had never given him a nickel. His grandmother had said something publicly

       Then all of a sudden, 0 flew to see his Grandmother and not long after she was pronounced dead, said to have died. Not sure but....

      and Fuddy, found out later, on that helo crash that killed only her, she had the original Kenyan. bc in her hand plus a copy.

    • I had to delete my own reply because of a bad typo that I couldn't edit!

      so wish this site would give us editing capability!

      just to say, all your above information I totally agree with!

      The man is a fraud and EVIL through and through‼️
      He wanted to transform this country, for the evil! He hates the USA and he should go live in Indonesia where his real, chosen, citizenship is.

    • sorry, can't type on phone

  • It offends me. Yes, tear it down!

    • No,,let it stand and push the discussion about who and what Obama really is. 

  • Can WLM be able to tear down statues just as well?

  • Hard to believe that a state like S.Dakota would have this statue. I didn't realize they were Leftist.

    • Maybe not leftist, just totally foolish!

  • Tear It Down Now!!!!




    New statue of Barack Obama with Sasha unveiled in South Dakota

    Located on the corner of Fourth and St. Joseph St., the sculpture is located in Rapid City and is part of the City of Presidents collection. It depicts the 44th president waving to the crowd and ...
    New statue of Barack Obama with Sasha unveiled in South Dakota
    A new statue of former President Barack Obama alongside his youngest daughter Sasha was unveiled in South Dakota on July 15.
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