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The roughly $900 billion stimulus package is on its way to President Donald Trump for his signature, though it’s unclear whether he will sign the bill that would deliver aid to Americans, mutliple news outlets reported on Thursday. 

The massive 5,593-page bill, which includes the $1.4 trillion omnibus, is being flown on the plane to Florida, where Trump is staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort for Christmas. 

After eight months of delay, Republicans and Democrats finally passed a bill on Monday night that would send desperately-needed economic relief to millions of Americans struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation would also avoid a government shutdown on Monday and secure federal funding through the next fiscal year.

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  • and now look at the new 2k stimulus and asshole fck chuck wants the 230 & study fraud (investigate it should be) seperate A fckin ass pos demorats are the scum of satan ELIMINATE all any recieving Gov & teachers getting paid from stimulus damm idiots




  • Charge the plane fare to the Democrat party, or directly to the Chinese government. A waste of time.

  • Pandemic relife bill includes more in unemployment than most workers make by working... bill is full of disincentives to return to work...

    "The $2.3 trillion omnibus spending bill (PDF) the president took issue with includes provisions to boost unemployment benefits, a one-month eviction moratorium extension and money to help keep employees paid. According to the bill's language, enhanced unemployment benefits will extend to 11 more weeks from Dec. 26 to March 14, 2021. This would include the $300 weekly bonus payment, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program for gig workers and the benefits provided by the states. However, that start date is now unlikely as the president has yet to sign the bill. 

    One new relief included in the bill is the Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation, which provides an additional $100 a week for those unemployed workers who earned money from a standard job and from self-employment, although states will individually determine if they will receive that amount."  see for full article:  Weekly unemployment checks: If Trump doesn't sign, benefits lapse M...
  • Don't sign this bill Mr. President... send it back with line items to be removed and or modified...  eliminate payments to ILLEGAL ALIENS and their children, eliminate all foreign aid in this bill and tell Congress to put their foreign aid into the State Departments funding bill.  We must stop passing bills that contain POISON PILLS in them... in order to achieve some of what we want.  We must stand on principle and let the people who are suffering know who caused it... the LEFT not the President's VETO.

    • Ron I wonder how much of that bill where the money eventally comes back to the democrats pockets after being laundred ?

    • Perfect Col Ron ... line item veto.

    • P/S remove all supplemental amounts paid above-normal unemployment compensation.... the bill will pay $300/wk plus one's normal unemployment payments to those unemployed. That is a major disincentive not to return to work and is outrageous... People presently working, in a low waged job, will look to be laid off or find a justifiable reason to quit and go on unemployment.  Rewarding those who will not work is not what the government should be doing.

    • Ron if theses people quit their jobs just to collect unemployment like you said, they should not Get any at all just like normal in most states. But also the justifiable reason should be only medically necessary after all attempts are made to keep the employee safe, and protected. That should keep most future democrat voters from getting money that they don't deserve. lol.

    • Those already on unemployment will not look for jobs and if offered will not take them... the State will not be aware of jobs refused in most cases.  Employees fired for malfeasance often dispute their dismissal and can draw unemployment in most cases on appeal  The point is that paying one 300/wk more than they normally earn is a very big incentive to game the system and many do it.  Normal unemployment and food stamps should be enough... with a moratorium on evictions and some provision to prorate past due rents at the end of the moratorium.

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