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  • No liberal is my friend, regardless of color.

  • Antifa makeup is color blind, there are whites, black, people's of all color along with women, and men of all age brackets, when it comes their bottom line motives, which is anarchy. Those looting and setting fires are of all colors. Stop adding fuel to already bad situation. This has gone well beyond wanting justice for George Floyd, and a disgrace it has become. The nationwide and world wide riots in his name are an abomination on his memory.

    • Dawn...

      Are you blind... look at the video clip picture... not one white guy in the bunch... the police in the background have white faces... the rest are all black.  So, how does that square with your comment: " Antifa makeup is color blind, there are whites, black, people's of all color..." it doesn't.

    • Dawn...
      You may want to pay close attention to the skin color of those caught on video looting, arson, and other forms of physical violence ... The vast majority on camera are not white... in spite of the MSM's attempt to deflect from the racial implications of those involved at these events. You can be assured that the MSM is faithfully portraying the riots for what they are... domestic terrorism... NOT!

      Please let us know the last time such riots followed the police killing a white male in a similar manner... One can't as there are no recent acts of domestic terror by the KKK, Neo-Nazis, or other white supremacists groups... White supremacists operate at the outer margins of social engagement; they are no longer socially significant.  Which race is constantly inciting racial violence... to invoke demands for what they call social justice.

  • Now that's what I call ... "the kettle calling the skillet black".  Talk about hypocrisy and transference...  The Black Community in MN are either living in a vacuum or simply deflecting guilt and responsibility for the current debacle.

    • Right

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