• There are a lot of new republicans and I don't think the ppl should turn on them, you should do like the dems and restructure from within. It will be easier to get rid of the ppl who betrayed the voters now than it will be to get a new party up and running. The dems win more and longer if you do that. I am an independent, everyone should register as an independent for the next year or two and see if we can change some hearts and minds of those we have sent to Washington. That message would be received loud and clear and wouldn’t give the left a better foot hold IMO


    • Don't count on the "new" ones.  they were hand picked by the deep state or they wouldn't be there.  Mullin from Oklahoma district 2 is a prime example of one bought before he was elected.  I was foolish enough to support him at first but soon found out who owned him, and it isn't We the People!!!!!

    • The new Republicans are obviously misinformed.  They won't last very long 

  • Most Republicans have turned away from Trump and we the people. Nuff said....

  • The spineless Republicans are just as bad as the scum of the earth America hating, Constitution hating, God hating leftist liberal commie democrats. Actually they are worse as they should know better. Time for a new Conservative Patriotic American Party!

    • Bruce, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!

    • MAGA Party...


  • McConnell is a fake patriot. He will give up everything we have fought for the last four years and sell us out to Biden.

  • And the American people want Trump for the next 4 years!  

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