• I have not given to the RNC, The Senate committee or the Congressional Committee  in many years. They always vote for whom they want to win. I give directly to whom I want to win. They are useless. They should have been looking into the  voting debacle months ago. We all knew what the mail in ballots would do and we have always been suspicious of the machines. Why did the scum working in the polling places have the authority to kick out the poll watchers.

    • I am begining to think this way Shirely thanks for your thought.


    • Send me your firm letter and I will do that too.

      Maybe you can post it here

    • I'll start on it tomorrow when my mind is fresher with a nights sleep. I can sit and think of all the things I want to say and then the next day it seems to fly out the window when I get my day started.

    • Thankyou Jane 

  • Which American people decision does he defend: Honest voters or Dishonest voters?




  • It is time to coop the GOP... to attend our local GOP meetings and vote out the officers and replace them with core conservatives ... at the County, the State, and finally National level... once we have control of the officers, we can rewrite the bylaws and throw out the bums like McConnell... or we can form a new party, or join one of the alternative minor parties: the Constitutional Party, the libertarian Party, etc.  But we must do one or the other ... I prefer to COOP the GOP... vote their officers off the board of directors, coop all the local, state, and national offices... take the GOP and make it a PEOPLE"S party ... the current OWNERS are men like McConnell.




    • We did. Trumpian by default!


    • I'm with you. A new party is the answer. Too many rinos in the gop

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