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    Marlene you obviously didn't get the memo on the Barstow, Ca. origination point for key elements of the Truckers Freedom Convoy all 12 of them...  Where do you get 40K trucks in just one of the convoys... By the way 8 miles of backup in CONSTRUCTION ZONES is not uncommon ... so, be sure that you know what the heck... you are promoting and looking at.  I hope there are a large number of trucks in the convoy but my research indicates that those looking for 10's of thousands of Trucks will be disappointed.

    By the way, all the monies are being collected to support them... how are they being administered?  Let's hope that doesn't develop into a major scandal.  The cost in fuel alone for a big rig to Bobtail to Washington, DC  will take around 500 gals ... at 3.29 or more per gallon... not cheap... around 1600.00 dollars per truck or 6.4 million to get there and 6.4 million to return for fuel alone.  Resourcing for such an event is very difficult.

    • The 6.4 million in fuel is for 40K trucks to bobtail to Washington, DC... including idol time and an average route of 2700 miles...  

  • Cameron, Refusal to Transport would be an excellent idea to go hand in hand with the continuing Original Protest. A Double Whammy!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The Canadian Freedom Convoys.

         I think a far better way to win against Trudeau is, instead of closing the inter-Provence highways & cities to public travel and taking the blame, just go home, just park it! DO NOT TRANSPORT ANYTHING, which was the idea behind this strike in the first place. This isn’t about vaccine mandates anymore, IT’S ABOUT OUR FREEDOMS!  Let him own it!

        IF this is done, the truckers won’t be risking anything, donations to the convoy will go a lot further, no hypothetical laws broken, no huge outlay of cash, no lose of their trucks, and will accomplish the same end.

       There would be no money lost except for income which they are already losing, and the donations from around the world could easily pay for that. This phenomenon is growing world wide. We don’t want this movement destroyed by out-of-control Socialist Governments like Canada & the U.S.

       Btw, most of those trucks are financed at some level by the Bank of Canada and they do NOT want those trucks back!! If these trucks AND truckers are lost because of Government mandates, intervention & overreach, those banks WILL get the trucks back, the Commerce in Canada WILL STOP and Canada WILL GO BANKRUPT, PERIOD!

                                                “Stop the Mandates”!!

                            “Canada, be careful what you wish for”.

                                             “U.S., YOU ARE NEXT”!

  • Might as well pack up the Motor Homes and Campers and do it! The Cities are already full of "Homeless Tents!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Hope they succeed

  • And how far would the Words of Christ have travelled if the Disciples only spoke with one another?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It is absolutely impossible to cross the field to get to the Farm House without stepping in some manure!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If the truckers would just plan their tour throughout Red States only, they would be able to give their message, loud and clear, without Radical Democrats trying to put a spoke in their wheels, while  the truckers will show U.S. Citizens what a "1st Amendment Constitutional Redress of The Government" really looks like without the "Militant" display that the "Radical Democrats" use.

  • This is good news. I hope it continues to grow in size and impact.  You go truckers.

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