• Schumer I believe has a one way pass bypassing St. Peter and going right to Satan .

    • St Peter is UP Screwmer is NOT going UP!


  • This man is evil to the core

  • Judge Reinhart was Jeffery Epstein's lawyer.  He helped redact the flight logs for Epstein Island.  The FBI currently has those files.  President Trump also has a copy of those files.  Judge Reinhart signed the warrant for Mar-a-largo last night.

    • Imagine Trump was anywhere near Epstein and how the MSM would be all over this. Instead, they keep quiet because they know Trump has a copy of these compromising files. I wonder how many are on the hook. I also wonder why Trump hasn't publicized these files yet. What's preventing him from nailing these deep state operatives?

    • I don't know, but I don't imagine any of it would get much national coverage even, if it were publicized, nor that any of it would make much of a difference.  Tyranny and power aren't ever embarassed.  They are either in total charge, or they are not.

  • It's nothing but a political scam run by commiecrats because they KNOW they've been scamming the population since taking over and ONLY the indoctrinated minions can't see they've destroyed everything they've touched and their fear of Trump is overwheling them which is totally justifiable with all of the damage they've done.

  • Chucky Scummer is scared to death. I don't know of a single Democrat that could handle the pressure of being put through the same BS as PresidentTrump had for the past 6 yrs. These old  crooked career polititians, like Piglosi, Scummer, Watters, and so on should be voted OUT ASAP if we want OUR Great Nation to survive!

  • Every American knows that Trump is the only honest politician out there, who keeps all of his promises. No wonder Trump enjoys 80%+ support among voters, and no wonder the establishment hates him.

    I must say that I am really relieved to see that real American patriots support Trump even more through thick and thin than ever before. We the people need Trump back in the White House for as long as he wishes to dedicate his life to the good of America and to the good of real Americans. Trump 2024!!!

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