• There is nothing wrong with birthright citizenship as long as the parents are legal permanent residents of the USA.

  • If this is attempted by President Trump, be prepared to hear an insistant denial of the term, "....under the jurisdiction of the United States", until your ears bleed.

    That phrase seems to me, to be the disqualifier to the "universal birthright by soil" arguement.

    Bear in mind, that the entertained controversy of "Yes he can" versus "No he cannot" is afforded by the extra-constitutional nature of the Executive Order, a privilige conferred to the Chief Executive by  the first Congress (but you could trust George). The E.O. is the lit powderkeg that promises to explode into dictatorship. But when?? Better to be Amendment-codified and bounded by time and range Constitutionally, since it seems obvious we as a Nation cannot do without it.

    • Is this the culmination of the historical rivalry between The two houses of The Creator's families, "Yasharal", and "YaHooDaH". One was always trying to separate from the one who loved organized rulership and administration from YaHushalem" (Jerusalem); the other wanted freedom, of life, liberty, and happiness?

      Unfortunately, neither wanted to call on The Creator's Name. It was a stumbling Stone, and rock of offense. See Psalms 118, Acts 4:11-12, Romans 9, Isaiah 8:14-15, Isaiah 28, Ephesians 2, I Peter, etc. The scriptures tell us, that our Savior, is that Stone, the cornerstone of Zion, but, a stumbling stone to both houses. Thus, to bring the two houses together, there needs to be one, who comes to, "YaHoshalem"(Jerusalem), to say, "Blessed is he/she, who comes in the Name of "YaHooVaH Alahim".

      So, bring this woman to Jerusalem, president Trump, unharmed, to settle this Law controversy between America land and people, and the Jewish people, And, Their heavenly Ruler over them, who they have Covenant, in the past, so, there can be Peace forever more, in the settling of the matter. This woman says, Blessed is she who comes in the Name of “YaHooVaH Alahim”, and she wants to come to Jerusalem to say this statement of Law, for The Creator Requires it.

      Please, let me speak, at The City of David, at or near ma’alot Mei Hashio’ah, right off Derekh’s Ha’Ophel Street, Siwan, where the City of David is honored, in a plaque, overlooking The Mount of Olives, most likely near the Beautiful Gate where our Savior, “YaHosha HaMeshiach”, welcomes us as said at Jeremiah 23:4-6, etc. for He is “YaHooVaH our Righteous”.

      In The Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal”,
      Virginia ulrich

    • Virginia, please. You seem like a nice woman, but we may have just widely wandered from the Topic theme here.

    • The land of America was founded on The Declaration of Independence, 1776, which is founded on the principal, that The Creator is our Judge, for the land and the people. It is His, He created it all.  The Constitution is the way, the people choose to protect those rights from The Creator, over their servant government.. Our laws for the people and the land come from The Scriptures by Law, not from the administration of United States government. To issue an Executive Order for people and the soil birthright is outside administration authority of government on the land of America.
      In The Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",

      virginia ulrich

    • Well OKAY Maam! I now see your conceptual connections to your statement. Thank you muchly!

  • Yes, he is not an emperor or even a king. Do this by The Law of our Creator and  His Testimony found in scripture. He is our Judge, says the Declaration  of Independence, 1776, for America. Send someone of the people of America who loves Him to the Place where His Name is Placed forever. Read 2 Chronicles 7:13-16, and ask humbly for mercy to save us in His Mercy, because of His Holy Name's sake. This land is His, He created it. Daniel did this at Daniel 9:19, and "Yasharal", returned to the promise land in mercy, protected.

    in the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal", 


    • His Word can be prayed from right here. His Name is everywhere and forever. "Except the Lord build the house," means the house of the Believer, wherever it is located.

    • Are you now going to try to change The Oracles of The Hebrew speaking Creator Most High, who spoke on Mount Sinai, and wrote with His Own Fingers, The Ten Commandments? Remember, He is the One who entered into covenant with the signers of The Declaration of Independence, 1776, for the creation of America's Republic, as The Judge, as seen at the last paragraph of that document. Do you realize that He does not change, therefore, you sons of Jacob are not consumed? Read Malachi 3:6.

      in The Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",

      virginia ulrich

    • They did not go to Israel. They prayed from America.

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