• There is nothing wrong with birthright citizenship as long as the parents are legal permanent residents of the USA.

  • If this is attempted by President Trump, be prepared to hear an insistant denial of the term, "....under the jurisdiction of the United States", until your ears bleed.

    That phrase seems to me, to be the disqualifier to the "universal birthright by soil" arguement.

    Bear in mind, that the entertained controversy of "Yes he can" versus "No he cannot" is afforded by the extra-constitutional nature of the Executive Order, a privilige conferred to the Chief Executive by  the first Congress (but you could trust George). The E.O. is the lit powderkeg that promises to explode into dictatorship. But when?? Better to be Amendment-codified and bounded by time and range Constitutionally, since it seems obvious we as a Nation cannot do without it.

    • Virginia, please. You seem like a nice woman, but we may have just widely wandered from the Topic theme here.

    • Well OKAY Maam! I now see your conceptual connections to your statement. Thank you muchly!

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    • His Word can be prayed from right here. His Name is everywhere and forever. "Except the Lord build the house," means the house of the Believer, wherever it is located.

    • They did not go to Israel. They prayed from America.

    • Why do you assume——that I do NOT? You have a high horse that you speak down from. I have been found Innocent by the Blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamaschiah. I am His and He is Mine.

    • So all Christians are to fly to Israel to pray? We cannot pray at home? In church? 
      That scripture is about killing the Prophets that He sent. It is not about flying to Israel to pray.

      Believe the Prophets and you shall prosper. The prophets carry not only a mantle, not only an anointing, but blessings to those who believe. They are the messengers of God.

    • Then why do you continue to condemn Prophets you have never bothered to listen to?  

  • It needs to be by Law, not E.O.

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