President Trump announced Friday that he signed an executive order to protect American monuments, memorials and statues and threatened those who try to pull them down with “long prison time.”

The new order enforces laws prohibiting the desecration of public monuments, the vandalism of government property, and recent acts of violence, withholds federal support tied to public spaces from state and local governments that have failed to protect public monuments, and withdraws federal grants for jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies that fail to stop their desecration.

It also provides assistance for protecting the federal statues.

Meanwhile on Friday evening, Attorney General Bill Barr directed the creation of a task force to counter anti-government extremists, specifically naming those who support the far-right “boogaloo” movement and those who identify as Antifa.

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  • I will say this until reason once again prevails: Neither Trump nor any President has the constitutional authority to legislate by Executive Order. Obama did it and he was wrong to do so, and Trump is wrong to do so today

    • Biden called me and told me to thank you for turning your back on Trump.

  • Trump needs to find a way to sign an executive order that gets rid of the mandate of wearing masks. If those people who want to wear them by all means go ahead but to the rest of us we should not have to wear masks everywhere they want us to go. Ty.

    • He doesn't need an EO. There is no law to wear masks, so there can be no EO. All he needs to do is speak the truth, that they harm the wearer, do not protect others, and are going to accumlate medical problems in those who do wear them. He just needs to step up and quit follow status quo, and tell the truth. TRUTH. WINS.

  • Good send them to prison than to a country where they have no rights

  • I am so glad we have such a strong leader in the White House. Before you know it, the antifa fighting fascism will be purged from American soil and we will keep our Freedom and Liberty!

  • PS failing to protect federal property and riot is a federal crime.... local authorities, Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs, City Councils, etc. are coconspirators if they order police not to engage such unlawful conduct... they must be prosecuted as accessories or for aiding and abetting these criminals.  I would hope that as President you would pursue the leadership and political ideology supporting these criminals... any Mayor who pulls off or orders police not to respond to reports of attacks on US Monuments or Statutes needs to be ARRESTED not scolded or patronized.

  • This is pretty bad when the Pres. needs to sign an executive order to enforce laws already on the books... Why the order? Are the local law enforcement agents ignoring their duty to enforce existing law?  We already have laws making it illegal to deface or destroy public property... So, what's up Mr. President?  It sounds like a mutiny in the ranks... Are US Attorneys refusing to prosecute?  Are they choosing to treat these crimes as misdemeanors instead of Domestic Terrorism?  There are a host of FELONY Crimes that apply... Domestic Terrorism probably carries the greatest penalties.  I hope your EO is directing the US Attorneys to prosecute using the Domestic Terrorism laws... and put theses, thugs, away for several years.

  • Never heard of the far-right boogaloo movement!! You really need to beat down Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other communist terrorist organizations like democrats!!

    • You are not alone Evelyn... the far-right has never heard of the Boogaloo movement either... probably some mythical group made up by the Southern Poverty Law Center or other Marxist group... a fictitious far-right group created as a propaganda tool to blame the far right for all the domestic terrorism the false flag scenarios ramping up... 

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