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  • Trump was a great President. Now the choice is Biden or Harris. The decision is clear.

  • When The President(45th) Has The Balls and People KNOW HE'D BACK IT UP-!!!

  • He was/is the best man to cut through the crap & accomplish what seems impossible. Hating him makes you insane. 

  • Trump said what he meant and meant whar he said. God bless him.

  • The war with the taliban is going to happen. All Biden is doing is following order from the shadow government and setting up the war at the cost of many inocent people and american citizens left behind.

  • Trump was a REAL President! He said two years ago that he was going to get out of Afghanistan which was Obama's war that we shouldn't have been in in the first place. He would had a peace agreement with the Taliban that WE could control, not before. Until then, he was leaving 25,000 troops there to protect our people and our military bases. HE was the president that promised to give payback100 fold if they harmed ANY American citizen, and they didn't! HE was the president that promised to get our citizens out first if everything goes south. I hope the Biden voters finally see what they have done to our country. 

  • My President;  He does NOT mess around, He tells like it is and holds the line !

    • And our enemies knew it. 


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